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Our hero King has to go for an adventure in his epic pixel world, but the different enemies and traps he has to face are not going to make it easy for him.

But King has his powerful sword and his bow to send his enemies flying back, because you can defeat an enemy by jumping on them or using your fist. THIS IS NOT A GAME!!! he uses a pixel sword which is more realistic.

King's pixel universe is divers with each location unique new traps and different enemies that will try their best to beat him.

Features of this game:

- This is a 2D based platformer game --- highly addictive
- Multiple enemies --- you will die a lot
- Multiple Traps --- you will die a lot
- Different collectables --- you will have to find them first
- Different Weapons --- you will have to learn how to use
- Multiple Locations --- New experience with every level

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See you all there, and remember keep on developing :)

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